New court building for Göta hovrätt inaugurated

It is now complete, the new court building for the Göta Court of Appeal and the Administrative Court of Appeal in Jönköping. Strong character and high functionality guarantee a long lifespan. 400 years, at least, is the plan. FOJAB is behind the design.

After 373 years in the court building at Hovrättstorget in Jönköping, it was time for Göta hovrätt to move to more appropriate premises that meet today's security and technical requirements.

FOJAB, which has extensive experience of working with legal buildings, has designed the new building for the Court of Appeal and the Administrative Court of Appeal on the shores of Lake Munksjön. It should function at least as long as the old one, an ambition that is reflected in the choice of materials and the careful design.

The aim has been to create a modern and beautiful building that balances respect and dignity with humility and openness.

- A court building must be able to handle two conflicting objectives. On the one hand, its activities must be public - openness is one of the foundations of our democratic society. At the same time, individuals' desire for privacy must be respected. We wanted to create a safe and peaceful environment for people who may find themselves in a difficult and stressful situation," says architect Kjell Adamsson of FOJAB.

The court building connects the buildings along the western shore of Munksjön and the entrances open up towards Bastionsparken and Hamngatan. Around the building there is room to stay and move, which creates life and movement in the place, while the design of the facade limits the insight so that the need for privacy is met. The facade consists of light sand-colored, ceramic elements that provide an interesting shadow effect and also contribute to the building's sun protection.

The seven floors accommodate ten meeting rooms and around 180 workplaces, as well as areas for visitors. The interior materials - stone and wood - are reminiscent of the Småland forest. Two continuous atriums with glass walls provide daylight far into the building and create a harmonious environment.

Sustainability ambitions are also reflected in the building's energy storage system, where cold water cools the building in summer and the heated return water warms it in winter. In this way, energy consumption can be reduced by 15 to 20%.

The court building is certified according to Miljöbyggnad level Gold.