Multiple voices on architecture at FOJAB's architecture salon

What is good architecture? Has modernism reached a dead end? Architects' taste versus the people's?

With these questions in mind, FOJAB hosted an architecture salon at its Stockholm office. About 100 invited guests joined in, participated in the conversations and listened to a renowned panel consisting of Joakim Larsson, City Planning Mayor, Stockholm, Martin Rörby, Architectural Historian, former secretary of the Beauty Council, Britta Blaxhult, Land and Acquisition Manager, Einar Mattsson and Ola Broms Wessel, Architect, Spridd. Robert Lavelid from FOJAB was the moderator and began by emphasizing the importance of debate and that FOJAB's recurring salons are important for the debate and to discuss architecture.

Why are many people in Sweden angry about what is new? Why do people think that architects have free rein to do as they please and therefore only design boring boxes? Is what is new automatically ugly?

Many questions were asked before the architecture salon and several thoughts and ideas about architecture were raised during the evening. Martin Rörby said that one should be careful not to get caught up in the discussion about nice and ugly architecture and Joakim Larsson highlighted the high demands placed on politicians when it comes to listening and showing consideration, as architecture is about people's safety and the environment.

There were several contributions from the audience which enlivened the discussion. Journalist Elisabet Andersson, SvD, wrote an article on the subject, published on January 27, which among other things referred to FOJAB's salon. The moderator, Robert Lavelid, has written a blog post that touches on several of the issues raised at the architecture salon. Please read the post here: Architects must stop burying their heads in the sand

If you want to take part in the architectural salon, you can watch selected parts in this film: FOJAB's architecture salon

FOJAB continues to hold architecture salons at its offices in Stockholm, Helsingborg and Malmö with different themes each time.


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