Mats Molén of FOJAB is awarded the Lund Urban Design Prize 2019.

Mats Molén, an architect at FOJAB, has been awarded the Lund Municipality's urban planning prize for the design of the Grand Hotel in Lund's new verandas and Bantorget. The award was presented at Lund's Stadsbyggnadsdag on March 10.

Architect Mats Molén has designed the Grand Hotel's extension with two new glass verandas, an outdoor terrace and a back pocket adjacent to Bantorget. The new verandas in glass, copper sheet and granite base have been given their own character from the building and become a natural part of the adjacent square. Bantorget has also been rebuilt to be an inviting entrance to the city and contribute to a vibrant city center.

- I am very happy and proud of the award. It has been an honorable and extremely interesting assignment with a clear goal, where the interplay between the hotel's operations and the development of the square has been in focus. The project is the result of a fruitful collaboration with the hotel's management and staff and the municipality's administrative units, says architect Mats Molén, and continues:

- An important starting point in the design is that the verandas should be perceived as easily removable - a sign of respect for the main building, a kind of click on - click off effect.

The prize was also awarded to the Technical Administration of Lund Municipality and Grand Hotel's CEO Maria Paulsson Rickle.

Motivation of the jury:
"The Lund Urban Design Award 2019 is awarded to the Grand Hotel's verandas and the redevelopment of Bantorget!

One of Lund's iconic buildings has been given new verandas that reveal life and movement on Grand's ground floor. The architect has carefully and confidently added a modern addition to the hotel, with great respect for the building's cultural-historical values and with a clear goal of enriching Bantorget.

The transformation of Bantorget strengthens the encounter with the activities around the square. Clear movement patterns have been created and inviting spaces have been added. The new furniture provides good function and beauty values that link to the site's historical heritage and the fountain is a beautiful eye-catcher that connects the site with the rest of the city center.

A successful urban development project depends on responsive clients. The Grand Hotel has ambitiously contributed to a successful whole. The new verandas, the plaza service, seating on the ground floor and open glass sections mean that the interior of the hotel interacts with the public function of the plaza.

The jury would particularly like to highlight the importance of how the parties involved have joined forces with the aim of finding a joint design that adds great value to the city. Here you can enjoy beautiful architecture, bustling public life, rippling water and piano music.

In short - Architecture for all senses!"

About the Urban Design Prize
In 1990, the Urban Development Prize was awarded for the first time. The prize was established by LKF, as a gift to the 1000-year anniversary of the municipality of Lund. The purpose of the prize is "to reward architects who have made a meritorious contribution to the development of the urban landscape in the municipality of Lund. Particular consideration shall be given to architectural efforts that combine the development of the cityscape, good function for users and beauty values."


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