Lund District Court finalist for the Sheet Metal Prize 2019

On Friday afternoon, the finalists for the PLATE AWARD 2019 were announced. Lund District Court, with its characteristic copper facade designed by FOJAB, is one of five finalists.

PLÅTPRISET is an honorary prize awarded by the PLÅT seminar in order to encourage and celebrate innovation and sustainable construction, where the properties and expression of metals are utilized in a successful architectural design. The award is presented once a year in conjunction with the PLÅT architectural event, and this year's award has seen Lund District Court selected as one of the finalists.

- "We are proud that our work with Lund District Court has once again been recognized," says Kjell Adamsson, responsible architect at FOJAB.

PLATE is an event dedicated to metal façades and the future of architecture. The aim of the seminar day is to highlight the potential of metal façades, inspiring architecture and innovative world-class façade solutions. Each year, PLÅT brings together around 300 working architects.


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