Helsingborg District Court completed

The high demands of the business have been in focus when FOJAB combines existing and new into a uniformly designed court. The extension meets the city's ambition to connect the southern district with the city center. The building's location creates a natural place next to the new city street where entrances enrich city life and increase security.

- "The project is a fine example of how a new addition can be integrated, where the requirements of the business, the city's ambitions and feasibility have been balanced with a well-designed whole as a result," says Kjell Adamsson, responsible architect at FOJAB.

The project is the first of two phases to complete the block. The brick facades with careful details are in keeping with Helsingborg's brick tradition. The pattern masonry of the base floor adds an additional quality to the experience.

New hearing rooms and a developed solution of separated flows meet the needs of the business for increased capacity and function. Existing rooms have been updated to meet new logistical, technical and security requirements.

A new main entrance with security control leads into the public areas and on to an inner square linking the existing and new premises. The extension is based on the structure of the existing building with views of the Öresund. Together with new materials throughout, the experience of a unified court is ensured.

- "At FOJAB we have extensive experience of working with court buildings and the special requirements associated with highly complex projects," says Kjell Adamsson, responsible architect at FOJAB.