Clearance for the transformation of Kungsholmskvarter

A stately city block that is open and inviting. SThe City Planning Board in Stockholm has now adopted the zoning plan for Hornsberg 10, one of the important pieces of the puzzle in Västra Kungsholmen's transformation from an industrial area to a vibrant residential and office area. FOJAB is developing the block in collaboration with Castellum. 

Attractive workplaces, public spaces and an open ground floor with space for cafés, restaurants and shops - the block on Västra Kungsholmen is set to undergo a major transformation. New, modern office environments and inviting places will give the neighborhood new life.

- Our ambition is to create a natural destination, a place that attracts visitors. Today, Hornsberg 10 is a rather motley neighborhood characterized by extensive renovations, additions and extensions. The ground floor is also completely enclosed. The new building will heal the neighborhood and create a coherent city block with mixed functions and a public ground floor - a new whole," says Jens Larsson, responsible architect at FOJAB.

In the design of the new office building, FOJAB's architects have drawn inspiration from older industrial architecture and the brick tradition in the area. The ground floor opens up with generous glass sections and a grand main entrance is planned towards Lindhagensgatan.

- The neighborhood will become vibrant and accessible in a completely new way. With more workplaces, we will have an increased pulse even during the day," says Jens Larsson.

Scope: 19 000 m2 BTA new building
Status: Detailed plan adopted
Responsible architect: Jens Larsson, FOJAB
Client: Castellum