Clearance for Södertälje's new landmark and living room

The building permit has now been granted for Södertälje's new landmark, designed by FOJAB. The hotel by Lake Maren is an important piece of the puzzle in the development of the center and should feel like Södertälje's new living room.

Marenplan is a favorite place for many Södertälje residents but has not been used to its full potential for many years. The city has therefore identified the area around Maren as a priority development area. FOJAB has assisted in the work with a new detailed plan for Marenplan and the design of a new hotel with outgoing content on behalf of Stadsrum Fastigheter.

At Marenplan, the changes are already underway. The piling has been completed and work on casting the base plate for the hotel has begun. And now the last building permit has been granted for the design of the building that will make Marenplan an attractive meeting place for Södertälje residents and visitors. The hotel is strategically located at the end of the Storgatan shopping street and will be a natural link between the city, Marenplan and the waterfront.

Great emphasis has been placed on creating openness, movement and safety. The three lower floors of the hotel are public and a terrace open to the public runs around the building. The ground floor houses three restaurants with outdoor seating facing south towards the water. On the floor above is a larger restaurant with space for the hotel's conference guests, and the third floor is intended to be used as a restaurant and event venue with terraces overlooking Maren. There are also fantastic views from the sky bar.

- The hotel will be a new landmark in one of Södertälje's most popular locations. "We have worked extensively on the building's design and layout in relation to neighboring properties and the interaction with the public environment. The hotel should both represent its time and take into account the existing urban environment," says Per Aage Nilsson, responsible architect at FOJAB.

The Marenplan hotel is expected to be completed in 2025.