From racetrack to the most sustainable district in the Öresund region

Jägersro trotting and racetrack will be transformed into a sustainable and integrated neighborhood, a place for people who value community and proximity to both urban life and nature. FOJAB is one of three architectural teams commissioned to produce the development proposals.

- We are really looking forward to being involved in developing the Malmö of the future," says Magdalena Hedman, commissioned architect at FOJAB.

In 1907, Sweden's first trotting and racing track was inaugurated at Jägersro in Malmö. As time has passed, the needs have changed and in 2018 Skånska travsällskapet decided to build a completely new facility east of the current one. The land was sold to SMT Malmö Exploatering AB, whose vision is to develop the most sustainable district in the Öresund region on the site.

At the beginning of the year, SMT invited a number of architectural firms to analyze the structure of the area and three have been selected. FOJAB, Mandaworks and Kanozi will work in parallel to further develop their proposals.

- The project is a unique opportunity to weave the same southeastern Malmö through new integrating structures such as safe routes and places, attractive buildings and sustainable green and blue structures," says Magdalena.

The assignment will be presented in mid-May, and the proposals will be evaluated by representatives of SMT and the City of Malmö, as well as experts.

- We have put together a hugely competent team with specialists in urban planning, traffic, climate and green issues, a team that is at the forefront of sustainability and urban planning. We will work creatively, idea-based and with a strong focus on the future to create the most sustainable district in Öresund," says Magdalena.



Location: Jägersro trotting track and the parking lot outside.
Area: 40 hectares
Construction start: 2024/2025
Completed: 2040-2050
Content: 4,000-5,000 homes + commercial and public service premises