FOJAB's Ylva Åborg joins the board of Architects Sweden

Ylva Åborg, an architect and office manager at FOJAB in Stockholm, is elected to the Board of Architects Sweden.
- As a board member, I want to ensure that sustainability issues permeate all activities. The circular economy requires a major shift in the architectural profession.

Architects Sweden is a professional and trade organization for all architects in Sweden who work with interior design, buildings, landscape or planning. With nearly 14,000 members, Architects Sweden organizes about 90 percent of the total architectural profession. At the AGM on November 20, a new board was elected.

As a member, Ylva Åborg wants to work towards making the circular economy the clear objective of the union.

- Our industry is facing a paradigm shift that requires huge changes for us as architects, in our role and practice. In such times, it is important to work together as a body, so that we can jointly take the lead in the development of a circular economy.

- We have had a hundred years of focusing on new production, but now we must switch to preserving and refining the current stock. Here, Architects Sweden has an opportunity to pave the way. It is about how we use our common resources, how we work towards politics and how we are seen as a union in the public debate and in the industry context. The sustainability glasses must always be on.

- The economic situation also creates tough challenges that we must face together. The radically deteriorating conditions for the construction industry as a whole also make demands on our union's ability to adapt, but above all, the role of the Swedish Architects as a trade union is particularly important.

Ylva Åborg leads and develops the work at FOJAB's Stockholm office. The office has grown steadily since its inception in 2013, and since Ylva took over as manager less than a year ago, it has gained market share in the Stockholm region in sectors such as knowledge environments, community properties and sports & health. The focus on sustainability is constantly present at FOJAB, with the development of new tools and new methodology, for example in sustainable urban development and life cycle analysis in early stages.

- Within FOJAB there is a joy of innovation in terms of sustainability and digitalization that I want to share. To move architecture forward, we need to work together.

Facts: Swedish Architects' new board
Emina Kovacic, Chair, Björn Ekelund, 1st Vice Chair, Anna Leonsson, 2nd Vice Chair, and Members Per Bornstein, Patrik Faming, Maja Olsson, Anna Krook, My Lekberg, Valter Fredström, Mårten Claesson and Ylva Åborg. The new board will take office on January 1, 2023 for a two-year term.