FOJAB wins the Architects of Sweden Halland Prize 2020!

"Falkenberg has a new landmark that exudes urbanity and well-studied entrance spaces", the jury concludes and awards Argus, Falkenberg's new knowledge and cultural center, the Architects Sweden Halland Prize 2020. We are of course both proud and happy about the award, says Charlotte Kristensson, Head of Knowledge Environments at FOJAB.

-We have created a living building with room for creativity, curiosity and discovery. The buildings are designed in such a way that there are good conditions for collaboration. Building community properties is an extensive investment, but through collaboration it becomes profitable," says Charlotte Kristensson, responsible architect for knowledge environments at FOJAB.

-"We took a holistic approach to the entire gigantic block in order to establish contact with the central city center and create the city park that Falkenberg residents have lacked until now," says Kjell Adamsson, vice president of FOJAB, who was the commissioned architect.

Sustainable, distinctive and timeless
In the design, FOJAB has placed great emphasis on creating a sustainable and architecturally strong character, a building that is both distinctive and timeless. The sustainability aspect is also emphasized in the jury's motivation: "The building's materials, both exterior and interior, are solid and durable and will stand the test of time. Argus is a welcoming meeting place for all ages that manifests the place of knowledge and culture in Falkenberg.."

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