FOJAB wins the Lund Urban Design Award - for the eighth time!

"A new, powerful building has taken its place in Lund," says the jury, awarding the Axis headquarters the Lund Urban Design Award for 2020.
- It feels great to work with colleagues who can create such characterful and beautiful architecture, and I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Axis for giving us the confidence," says Daniel Nord, CEO of FOJAB.

An office building created with comfort in focus, a workplace for 1,300 people and a new landmark in Lund. Axis' new headquarters is a profile building with a clear identity and strong character, designed to create added value for employees, visitors and viewers alike. The building is located in the Ideon area in Lund, a research village on the outskirts of the city that is currently undergoing an exciting development.

- As we densify cities, we face new challenges. The sites that are left to build on are those that were previously excluded for a reason. To have the opportunity to create a landmark with fantastic values, both outside and inside, in a difficult urban environment right next to a highway is inspiring. And to be rewarded with an urban planning award for it is absolutely fantastic," says Andreas Jentsch, responsible architect at FOJAB.

The Lund Urban Design Prize is intended to "reward architects or other building operators who have made a meritorious contribution to the development of the urban landscape in the municipality of Lund" and this is the eighth time that FOJAB has won.

- "FOJAB started 50 years ago in Lund and we have been involved in many projects in the city that I am proud of - this is one of them. I am incredibly happy that the urban planning award goes to Axis headquarters," says Daniel Nord.

A building to enjoy
The Axis headquarters is designed to promote business and enhance well-being. Light Öland limestone, wooden ribs in ash and a rounded, soft design language give a cozy and welcoming feeling. The goal has been to create a building where people can thrive, meet and socialize, a building that encourages experiences, movement and job satisfaction.

The building's main entrance is located in the corner of the block and inside is a large, bright common entrance square with space for exhibitions, meetings and mingling. A generous staircase leads to the Axis restaurant and further up to the shared, green courtyard. The crowning glory is a skylounge and a spacious roof terrace with a 360-degree view of the Scanian landscape.

- Views are important to the experience. From the entrance, you can see the courtyards and skylights further into the building. "One of our goals has been to encourage people to take the stairs instead of the elevator - that's why there are generous glass panels on each floor that constantly reward you with a new view of the city and the plain, and from the roof terrace you can see all the way to Copenhagen," says Andreas.

A living facade
The building's façade consists of a heavy natural stone clad base that transitions into light glass facades framed by white, angled metal slats. As you move along the building, the impression changes - the angle of the slats creates an illusion of movement: the façade closes, opens up and closes again as the perspective changes.

- The facade is very high-tech and can be appreciated by everyone, not just those who work in the building. By creating experiences in the architecture, we give life to the important spaces in the city," says Andreas.

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