FOJAB awarded PLÅTPRISET 2019 for Lund district court

With its characteristic copper facade, Lund District Court became the winner of the PLÅTPRISET 2019. Behind the creation is the architectural firm FOJAB.

The PLATE AWARD is an honorary award given by the PLATE seminar to encourage and celebrate innovation and sustainable construction, where the properties and expression of metals are exploited in successful architectural design. The award was presented on Thursday in conjunction with the PLÅT architecture event.

The façade of Lund District Court is made of copper, glass and stone.

- As architects, we are fond of purity and simplicity of expression. The fact that we chose copper is partly due to Lund's long copper tradition and partly because copper patinates beautifully," says Kjell Adamsson, architect in charge at FOJAB.

FOJAB has previously been awarded for the creation of Lund District Court. Among other things, it received the Lund City Planning Prize in 2018.

- We are proud that our work with Lund District Court has once again been recognized," concludes Kjell Adamsson.

Motivation of the jury:
The PLÅTPRISET 2019 is awarded to a building whose mission places particularly high demands on functionality and symbolic value. With few material choices in a solid, stylish and clear architecture, the architects have managed to combine these requirements in a new classic. The well-structured facade of the building has been chosen and used based on the long life cycle perspective, on the merits of durable and beautiful aging. The facade is thus a clearly visible quality stamp for a successful construction process, a climate-smart building and a safe operation. The design is as monumental as it is dignified, warm and welcoming. It captures the city's history, but is equally indicative of a sustainable future. For all times to come - the new pride of Lund.

Facts about Lund District Court
Address: Tingsrättsplatsen 2, Lund
Architect: FOJAB
Kjell Adamsson, Stefan Johansson, Mikael Pettersson, Jonas Ruthblad, Helena Brunsson, Bahador Mohammadi, Filip Loguin, Maria Listrup, Lars Nilsson, Helena Bülow-Hübe and Rebecca Wörlén.
Landscape architect: FOJAB
Caroline Hertzman and Caroline Lindqvist
Artistic decoration: Meta Issæus-Berlin
Developer: Specialfastigheter
Gross area, sqm: 12 400
Year of construction: Completed in 2018

About Lund District Court


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