FOJAB structural architect for the new Lövholmen.

Lövholmen in Stockholm is to be transformed from a largely closed industrial area into a vibrant district and natural continuation of the inner city. In its role as structural architect, FOJAB has contributed to developing the ideas and principles that form the basis of the detailed plan, which is now out for consultation.

Lövholmen is part of Liljeholmen in central Stockholm and is identified in the master plan as one of the city's development areas. A new district will emerge here with around 1,800 homes, preschools, cultural activities, offices, services, squares, a park and a quayside.

On behalf of and in close cooperation with the city planning office, FOJAB has worked with the city and property owners to develop a structural plan and the architectural principles that will form the basis of the design.

With its older industrial environments, Lövholmen is a place with high cultural values. The buildings that are preserved become the area's value carriers that tell the story of the place, of how the industrial city of Stockholm has grown.

- "The overall idea behind the structure plan is to highlight the groups of buildings of cultural and historical interest that are being preserved and to create a framework around them in the form of new city districts," explains Magnus Lundström, responsible architect at FOJAB. He continues:

- The added city blocks together with the preserved buildings and the new public spaces form a whole that gives Lövholmen a strong identity of its own. But the area will also interact with surrounding neighborhoods in scale and character and become a well-composed element in the city's new silhouette.

Stockholm is characterized by its neighborhoods with different identities and characters, and Lövholmen will continue to be its own enclave in the mosaic that makes up Stockholm and carries the city's identity.

Lövholmen is currently largely closed to the public and an overall goal is to make this central place in Stockholm accessible. The design of places and paths therefore has as high a priority in the plan proposal as the buildings. A path runs through the district with a string of attractive small and large urban spaces. A large waterfront area is created with afternoon and evening sunshine, with a bathing jetty and space for various events. A quayside promenade runs along Liljeholmsviken, making it possible to walk along the Mälar shore all the way from Danvik to Vårby.