FOJAB gears up for sustainability and digitalization with new managers

From March 1, Anders Eriksson Modin is Head of Sustainability at FOJAB. Petra Jenning, former innovation manager with a strong focus on digitalization, takes over the role of development manager.  

- When we look to the future, there are two trends that we know for sure will affect us greatly. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, not least through new regulations. And digitalization, where the rapid development of AI is something we all have to relate to. FOJAB has a strong position in both sustainability and digitalization, but we do not settle for that - with these appointments we can become even more aggressive, says CEO Daniel Nord.

Anders Eriksson Modin is an architect and has worked at FOJAB since 2007. He has lived with sustainability issues in various projects, collaborations and networks for a long time. He is well aware of the customers' challenges and works innovatively to move the entire industry forward. Among other things, Anders leads the working group on sustainable materials within LFM30 (Local Roadmap Malmö 2030) and sits on the board of Solar Region Skåne. He has worked extensively on the question of how mobility can become part of sustainable development, and how architecture can serve as an effective tool in the climate transition.

- There is currently a strong focus on ecological sustainability based on climate footprint and biodiversity. We notice it everywhere in the debate, political directives, new rules and laws and how it affects the entire construction industry. This is good and important, but we must not forget about social sustainability, because without that aspect the result will not be good. It is not easy to measure soft values such as identity, inclusion, community and gender equality, but we know how important it is to create long-term sustainable places. And of course we need to take economic sustainability into account, because without that aspect the projects will not happen," says Anders Eriksson Modin.

At FOJAB, sustainability is closely linked to the development and innovation work, where digitalization is a common thread. The changes that are now being made are also part of strengthening the work to create synergies between architecture, sustainability and innovation - an ambition that can be found in the new business plan.

The new Development Manager Petra Jenning is an architect and has worked at FOJAB since 2012. In recent years, she has had the role of innovation leader with a strong focus on digital development. Petra is frequently engaged in expert panels and discussions, not least on AI. Petra also sits on the advisory board of Svensk Byggplåt and is the leader of the theme area "Innovations and new applications" within Smart Built Environment.

- I see great opportunities for architecture with the digital development, but also challenges that we need to keep up with. Here, FOJAB will be involved in influencing where we are heading," says Petra Jenning. "We also have a strong commitment to research and development projects that we want to strengthen further. To meet the challenges of our time and create the sustainable and inclusive societies of the future, we need to build deep expertise, but also create new collaborations between different actors and professions.