FOJAB proposes 650 homes in an old quarry

Stärnö, is a peninsula southwest of central Karlshamn, including hiking areas and a former quarry. On behalf of the municipality of Karlshamn, FOJAB has now developed proposals on how the area can be developed.

On Stärnö there used to be a diabase quarry where stone was extracted for the Empire State Building in NY. Diabase mining ended a few years ago and today there are large visible traces of the activity. The site is characterized by, among other things, a 25-meter-high rock wall, two deep holes after the quarrying and a magnificent view of the archipelago and the sea. In its proposal, FOJAB has been inspired by the fantastic environment on Stärnö as well as Karlshamn's historic town plan.

FOJAB proposes to develop the area with housing, a guest harbor, viewing and bathing areas and recreation that takes advantage of the area's character, location and views. For example, the depth of the water provides opportunities for deep-sea diving and the rock wall can be used for climbing. To take advantage of the proximity to the sea, several piers and public urban spaces with nice locations by the water are proposed. The proposal also includes plans for restaurants, trade and public activities.

- "Stärnö Sjöstad is a fantastic place and we see enormous potential to develop it for the benefit of future residents. With its unique qualities, the district will be able to attract visitors and become a new destination in Karlshamn," says Magdalena Hedman, Marketing Manager and competence manager for urban development at FOJAB.

FOJAB's proposal contains a variety of buildings for many different target groups. It includes apartments with their own mooring, terraced houses and houseboats. A total of 650 homes are proposed, which can be developed in stages.
Stärnö Sjöstad has been designed based on the site's conditions with higher, sheltered buildings of 3-5 floors facing the sea in the east. The houses facing the lakes in the west have a more small-scale character with 2-3 storey terraced houses and houseboats with their own piers.

In Stärnö Sjöstad, priority is given to pedestrians and cyclists. The streets are designed for traffic to move at low speed, including through many crossing passages. To enable residents to choose sustainable modes of transportation, FOJAB proposes both a bus line and a boat bus.

Once the municipality has made a decision on how to develop the area, it will be built in different stages, with the hope that the first house will be in place in 2022-2023.

Total number of dwellings ca 650 ST
Total number of apartments ca 575 ST
Total number of terraced houses/villas ca 75 ST

Possible other functions:
Service, trade about 5000 sqm BTA
Hospitality, hotel, culture approx. 5000 sqm BTA
Sports, activity about 1500 sqm BTA
Preschools, schools Expanded as needed