FOJAB in Almedalen

As tradition dictates, we are represented during Almedalen Week. We are organizing an architecture salon, a mingle and a networking lunch. Please register in the links under each event. Are you unable to attend, but are in Almedalen and want to book a meeting with one of us? How fun! Contact our Marketing Manager and Almedalen General, Magdalena Hedmanand she'll fix it!

Come to our salon!
FOJAB's architecture salon in Almedalen

100 - the new 70?
Welcome to a foresight session on urban development, housing and life choices for an ageing population.

The population is ageing and in 50 years' time 25% of the country's population will be over 65. They are also getting healthier, more active - and in some cases richer. A study presented at the beginning of the year showed that 70 is the new 50 and we dare say that 100 is the new 70.

What are the needs, demands and expectations of tomorrow's 90-year-olds for housing, urban life and recreation? How do we meet their needs in the planning of new cities and districts? How can housing for the elderly be integrated into the city and what synergies can be achieved?

FOJAB's Robert Lavelid, moderator, leads the following panel:

Maria Börtemark, CEO of Borätt and Seniorgården AB
Åsa Nordell Holmstrand, Project Developer Hemsö Fastighets AB.
Ingmar Skoog, Center Director from AgeCap - Center for Ageing and Health at the University of Gothenburg
Stefan Bergström (C), municipal planning councillor in Sundbyberg.

Time: Tuesday 2 July 14-15
Location: Tage Cervins gata 5

Mingle with us!
FOJAB's mingle in Almedalen

Time: Tuesday, July 2, 15-16
Location: Tage Cervins gata 5

Join us for lunch!
FOJAB's networking lunch in Almedalen

We organize a networking lunch for women at Restaurant Rosengården. We focus on networking and conversation.

Magdalena Hedman, Marketing Manager FOJAB
Karin Fagerberg, Head of Operations FOJAB

Time: Wednesday, July 3 at 12.30.
Location: Restaurant Rosengården, Södra Kyrkogatan 9
Registration: No later than 26/6 to Magdalena Hedman
NB! Limited number of seats

We look forward to seeing you!