FOJAB designs new residential building for Peab in southern Brunnshög, Lund.

In an attractive location next to Gryningsparken in southern Brunnshög, FOJAB has designed the Gryningen 3 housing block for Peab. The block has a varied architecture and houses 80 Nordic Ecolabeled condominiums in different sizes with a focus on sustainability and community. Gryningen 3 will also be a test project to investigate challenges and opportunities with building robotics within the framework of the Vinnova-funded project ACon 4.0.

Gryningen 3 consists of about 80 apartments divided into four small-scale residential buildings with varied expressions. The idea is to create a "family" where a variety of selected characters are tied together into a whole and frame a common courtyard. The different characters reflect the whole, from facade design to layout and size.

- Lund Municipality has a high level of ambition for the area and it is great to work on this project together with Peab. We have presented a strong proposal with a variation in design at the same time as the block gets a calm whole with high materiality and coherent color scale. The different sizes and character of the homes means that there are homes that suit many different target groups, we focus primarily on efficient apartments for families with children, and couples/single people who want to live close to MaxLab, ESS and Sony," says Ida Stavenow, responsible architect at FOJAB.

The block will have several different functions with a focus on sustainability and community. Plans include workshop space on the ground floor, common areas where edible plants can be grown, and attractive bicycle parking instead of car garages. One of the houses will have a roof terrace for residents to use, and others will be equipped with solar panels. The ambition is also for the tallest building to have a unique mural painting, developed in collaboration with a local artist, which will be an eye-catcher for all visitors to Gryningsparken.

Within this project, FOJABcode will explore the challenges and opportunities of robotizing the masonry process. They will highlight how construction robots can contribute to architectural added value, as well as increase gender equality and improve the working environment for construction workers. The project is carried out within the framework of the Vinnova project ACON 4.0 which deals with the development of construction robotics and is done in collaboration with LTH Robotlab, Peab, Cognibotics, Cementa and Achoice.