FOJAB designs Daniel Berlin's new restaurant, hotel and food bar

Multiple Michelin-starred restaurateur Daniel Berlin is using FOJAB to develop his new restaurant in Österlen. After an architectural competition, FOJAB was chosen to design an overall concept consisting of a hotel, food bar and a world-class restaurant.

In May, it was announced that master chef Daniel Berlin is opening a new restaurant in Österlen, at Gislövs Hammar between Skillinge and Brantevik on a farm that used to be a hotel.

After an architectural competition with three other invited offices, FOJAB was commissioned to design the renovation. The task was to design a world-class restaurant with an extraordinary dining room and an environment that connects to Daniel's cooking.

- What we liked about FOJAB's proposal was how they use what already exists and how they connect with the site - because it was chosen with care. It feels very natural. In FOJAB we also found people who are as keen as we are to do something special. This is not something that is ready from the start, but a work that will be allowed to grow," says Daniel Berlin.

FOJAB takes advantage of the differences in level between the different buildings of the farm, which follow the natural slope down to the sea, to create a peaceful expectation for visitors approaching the restaurant.

- The experience should affect everyone who comes here, not only those who eat at the restaurant but also hotel guests and visitors to the food bar. The environment will breathe Österlen and no major changes will be made to the exterior or the surrounding outdoor environment. "We want the landscape to live freely and speak its own language," says Johanna Raflund Tobisson.

It is clear that the restaurant will have room for about 30 guests, and the hotel will be expanded to a total of 15 rooms, including one master suite and four junior suites. A simple food and wine bar will complete the offer for hotel guests and other visitors. The hotel and food bar are expected to open in summer 2023 and the restaurant in fall 2023.