FOJAB designs cultural school in Karlskrona, Sweden

Thirteen architectural firms submitted tenders to design the new cultural school in Karlskrona. FOJAB - the architects behind the award-winning Argus cultural center in Falkenberg - won the tender together with acoustic consultants Brekke & Strand.

The new cultural school in Karlskrona will include halls for choir, orchestra, dance and theater, a recording studio, classrooms, ensemble rooms, staff areas and recreation rooms. The new building in the vicinity of Handelshamnen will replace the current premises which are not fit for purpose.

FOJAB has good experience of designing cultural centers and other community buildings with complex content. Its track record includes the award-winning Argus knowledge and culture center in Falkenberg and the recently completed civic center in Kävlinge.

- "We look forward to starting the cooperation with the municipality," says Stefan Johansson, responsible architect at FOJAB. "We have carried out several projects in Karlskrona and Blekinge, including the World Trade Center on Trossö and the high-profile new school in Mörrum. Right now, work is underway on a new neighborhood on Pottholmen in Karlskrona, with housing, care homes and a mobility house. A lot of exciting things are happening in Karlskrona, it's a fun city to work in.

It is hoped that the new cultural school will be completed in 2026.