FOJAB designed Lund's new district court - received Lund's urban development award

At the municipal council meeting on Thursday, FOJAB received the 2018 Lund Urban Design Award for the design of Lund's new district court.

- Based on the conditions of the site and a program with high demands on safety, function, environment and quality, we have designed a modern building, which at the same time well connects to Lund's building tradition, says Kjell Adamsson, architect and vice president of FOJAB.

In 1990, the Urban Development Prize was awarded for the first time. The prize was established by LKF, as a gift to the 1000-year anniversary of the municipality of Lund. The purpose of the prize is "to reward architects who have made a meritorious contribution to the development of the cityscape in the municipality of Lund. Particular consideration shall be given to architectural efforts that combine the development of the cityscape, good function for users and beauty values."

- I am proud and happy that our joint work has been recognized and it is a great honour to receive this award," concludes Stefan Johansson, architect at FOJAB.

Jury statement
Lund Urban Development Prize 2018 awarded to the architects of the New District Court! A complex building, with high demands on security and efficient flows, has been designed with a focus on functionality, dignity and transparency towards the surrounding urban space. Sophisticated and well thought-out choice of materials, high quality exterior and interior, gives an experience of sculptural dynamics and care from the whole to the details. A classically ordered architecture in modern costume, where the stepped building volume lands beautifully at the entrance square in the south, and the water mirror with its artwork meets Bjerredsparken in a refined way. The building makes a strong visual impression at close range, and at the same time forms a stately and important backdrop when viewed from Clemenstorget on the other side of the railroad. The New District Court will be an important cornerstone in the development of Lund C. As an ambitious and committed client, Specialfastigheter has attributed a high value to careful design and thus Lund has been enriched with an architectural jewel! We warmly congratulate FOJAB architects!


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