FOJAB arkitekter invests in digital excellence

FOJAB arkitekter has made a strategic decision to develop the area of Computational Design under the name FOJABcode. This is a long-term investment in design research in a testbed environment to develop new methods and models in digital design. FOJAB is now recruiting to get a strong team with a focus on both design and programming.

Petra Jenning, an architect at FOJAB arkitekter and internationally recognized expert in Computational Design, is responsible for the development work.

- "The digital approach we are exploring differs from the current one in that we model behaviors and processes instead of static geometry," says Petra Jenning. Various activities are now underway around the world to understand how this can work in practice, and what changes it brings at different stages. These activities take place both in academia and in industry. We want to be at the forefront here.

The development work will be done internally but with exchange and cooperation with other companies and organizations moving in the same direction. The aim is to test models and methods, which when mature can be applied in the projects.

- FOJAB arkitekter started in Lund with close links to LTH and research. Over the years, that relationship has remained on many levels, says CEO Daniel Nord. "What is new is that we now work proactively and methodically with the practical application of what new research produces. This can benefit all of FOJAB's customers.

Petra Jenning describes current construction methods as a consequence of a reductionist process; each requirement, such as climate protection, strength and ventilation, has its own solution and is considered individually. This means that we quickly become limited by increasing complexity as new requirements are added. New technology offers opportunities to think about problem solving in new ways. It is possible to let the computer generate solutions in which interaction and feedback between different functions and systems are incorporated into the design process.

- The result will be integrated solutions that can respond to a variety of local and unique requirements and still be practically and economically feasible," says Petra Jenning.Within FOJABcode, we will look broadly at the design process. Digitalization brings completely new opportunities. The mission is about exploring those opportunities and finding synergies. We need to take a holistic approach to what digitalization means for the entire chain of the construction process - from design to production to finished house - and beyond.