FOJAB arkitekter focuses on project development

FOJAB arkitekter has made a strategic decision to expand its business and is now focusing on project development under the name FOJAB development. This is a platform for entering into partnerships and developing projects in-house. Initially, a collaboration is entered into with Fler Bostäder AB.

With the desire to take greater responsibility and develop its own projects, FOJAB is broadening its activities. The aim is to further sharpen our architecture and gain greater experience and knowledge of project economics, feasibility and the construction process. Through an increased understanding, FOJAB will create added value for customers and clients in all its projects.

Kjell Adamsson, architect and business development manager, will be responsible for the development of the new business.

- FOJAB development is a natural step in our business. By developing projects in collaboration with different actors, we can take greater responsibility for the whole and influence all parts from finance to design. This will make us a better partner for all our clients," says Kjell Adamsson.

Initially, a partnership is being established with Fler Bostäder, a relatively young company with a lot of experience and commitment to housing development.

- We are very pleased to be working with FOJAB arkitekter. They have an extremely broad knowledge in the various areas of architecture combined with an understanding of the conditions of the projects. Through the collaboration, we benefit from our shared commitment and create new interesting business opportunities, says Magnus Knutsson at Fler Bostäder.

FOJAB's focus on project development also creates the conditions for architecture to take on a greater role. Joachim Lundquist, Head of Architecture at FOJAB, comments:

- High-quality, idea-based architecture creates long-term value and sustainability. We bring this driving force into all our projects. Now that we can influence processes and decisions to a greater extent, we are more likely to create strong ideas and concepts that last all the way to execution.