FOJAB arkitekter and Fler Bostäder are building two blocks in Sigtuna stadsängar.

FOJAB arkitekter and Fler Bostäder AB have signed an agreement with Sigtuna stadsängars exploaterings AB and will build two blocks in the new district. The blocks are characterized by high sustainability goals and innovative architecture.

Sigtuna stadsängar is a completely new district located just north of the old town center in Sigtuna with the goal of being Sweden's most sustainable district. FOJAB and Fler Bostäder will develop and build two blocks of approximately 60 tenant-owned apartments in blocks 17 and 18.

High sustainability goals have set the tone for the project idea, which fits well with Sigtuna stadsängar's ambitions. FOJAB and Fler bostäder will focus in particular on social sustainability.

- We are pleased to be entrusted with the development of Sigtuna Stadsängar together with Fler Bostäder. Based on a strong idea, we are developing a unique project with high architectural quality. By taking greater responsibility for the whole, we are deepening our expertise," says Kjell Adamsson, architect and business development manager at FOJAB.

- We look forward to being involved in developing a new exciting neighborhood. Fler Bostäder has the ambition to create long-term sustainable housing environments for more people from a social, ecological and economic perspective, says Magnus Knutsson, CEO of Fler Bostäder.

The project idea is based on the idyllic city center of Sigtuna with its qualities in terms of neighborhood structure, materiality and scale. The mix within the neighborhood is shaped by different typologies; the townhouse, the apartment building and the villa, stacked on top of each other. Ground floor dwellings open up to the street with multifunctional spaces. Greenery grows on the facades facing the courtyard. The block has direct contact with the city and common spaces for socializing, linked to nature and lush courtyards.

- FOJAB and Fler Bostäder have well met the expectations of a sustainable, innovative and exciting project in line with our development strategy and sustainability levels, says Kim Hultén, operations manager for Sigtuna stadsängar Exploaterings AB.

FOJAB and Fler Bostäder are forming a joint project company for the development of the blocks in Sigtuna stadsängar. The cooperation is strategic and long-term and the ambition is to have more projects in Sigtuna and other nearby locations.

Work is now beginning on the design of the properties. Sales are expected to start in January 2018 and construction will begin in spring 2018.