Cityscape Award 2008

FOJAB arkitekter through Greger Dahlström has been awarded the Vellinge municipality's cityscape prize 2008 for Brf Opus 2 in Ljunghusen.

Motivation of the jury:
"The buildings as a whole create a harmonious connection between nature and the sea in the north and the built environment in and around the area. The buildings, in turn, through their finely designed volumes and deliberate directions, have been meritoriously integrated into the landscape. The foundation on plinths, which makes the buildings seem to "float" over the damp wetlands, further reinforces the proximity to the sea.

The choice of materials and colors is based on a Nordic wooden building tradition. There are wooden panels in different directions and dimensions and well-studied details that provide contrasts in design and materials.

The layout of the apartments is simple and rational, while at the same time providing a wonderful spatial experience with windows in several directions. The interior design details are elegantly executed."

Participants: Greger Dahlström, Lena Ekenberg, Kerstin Hedvall, Lennart Johnsson.