Axis new office completed - a new landmark in Lund, Sweden

FOJAB has designed Axis' new office in Lund, which will be a workplace for 1300 people. The building has a strong identity and character and is designed according to the company's needs and wishes. The block will be an exciting new meeting place where sustainable working life is at the center.

Axis' new office in Lund will be the face of the company and consists of a continuous building that is divided into several building bodies of varying heights that interact with each other. The main entrance is located in the corner of the block facing the Ideon area and inside there is a large, bright common entrance square with space for exhibitions, meetings and mingling. A generous staircase leads to the Axis restaurant and further up to the common, green courtyard. The crowning glory is a skylounge and a spacious roof terrace with a 360-degree view of the Scanian landscape.

The façade consists of a heavy natural stone clad base with light glass facades with white, angled slats on top. Once inside the building, visitors and employees are greeted by light, which is a recurring theme, while natural materials such as limestone and wood provide a warm and cozy feel. The office spaces are tailored to Axis' needs with both traditional cellular offices and open office landscapes with plenty of light. The office is designed with several different spatialities to suit different types of meetings and create conditions for creativity and innovation - important core values in Axis' corporate culture.

The block is part of the city planning office's goal to transform the Ideon Science Park research village in Lund into a city with clear blocks and sunny meeting places for everyone who works, researches or visits Ideon.

The work environment is designed with a sustainable working life in focus, and opportunities for sustainable travel have also been an important prerequisite. Each employee gets their own Axis bike, which can be cycled straight down into a garage with shower and changing rooms, and a gym with a glass roof that connects the gym to the common areas above.

- The idea is that the office should feel a bit like a home at work, with plenty of areas for employees to meet, train together and socialize with each other," says Andreas Jentsch, commissioned architect, FOJAB.

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