Social sustainability

Social sustainability

For us, social responsibility is a matter of course. We are passionate about creating environments where everyone feels welcome and can participate on equal terms. This permeates all our projects from urban design, landscapes, houses and interiors.

By creating environments where all people feel welcome and safe, we contribute to a development towards socially sustainable environments regardless of gender identity, age, ethnicity, religion, functional variation or socio-economic conditions.

We are human-centered and have a range of methods for working with the goals, vision and monitoring of the social sustainability goals in our projects.

Evidence-based tools for participation and civic dialogue allow local people to engage with projects and contribute their insights and experiences. To achieve the social sustainability goals, we work with dialog, process management and user participation. To meet the Convention on the Rights of the Child, we work with dialog tools aimed at especially for children.

The ambition is to always go further and contribute to a better world - for everyone!

Some of our research projects to strengthen social sustainability:

Equalizer is about creating equal and inclusive environments that support physical activity and encourage the joy of movement.

Within WiCiD - Water in City Design we are curious about how water can have a positive impact in cities from ecological, economic and social perspectives. How can stormwater and cloudburst solutions also act as carbon sinks, contribute to increased resilience to extreme weather, create amenity values for people and a good habitat for animals and nature?