Our services

Our services

For us at FOJAB, ecological sustainability is a matter of course. Environmentally friendly materials and climate-adapted, energy-efficient construction provide attractive environments that last over time.

Our approach also generates major benefits in the operation and management phase - long-term financial sustainability that creates security and strengthens our clients and their brands. Today and tomorrow.

Low energy use
FOJAB has specialist expertise in the design of buildings for low energy use. We specialize in energy coordination, energy and indoor climate calculations, certification according to e.g. Miljöbyggnad and Svanen, and daylight calculations.

Specialists in environmental certification
FOJAB has extensive experience of working on projects with environmental certification requirements and is a member of the Sweden Green Building Council. Our staff includes specialists in environmental certification, energy efficiency and daylighting, and we have broad expertise in energy and environmental issues.

We also have certified environmental building coordinators and expertise in several environmental certification systems, such as Miljöbyggnad, BREEAM, City Lab Action, Svanen and FEBY passive house. FOJAB regularly performs energy calculations and building product assessments and documentation for our clients.

Environmental and climate impact from a life cycle perspective
Life cycle assessment is the key to long-term sustainable buildings. FOJAB is conducting several research projects on the calculation of life cycle assessment in early stages. Our network includes several specialists in life cycle assessment and ecosystem services.

Some of the services we offer:

  • FOJABgreen
  • Energy coordination
  • Energy and indoor climate calculations
  • Daylight calculations, e.g. Daylight Factor (interior) and Vertical Sky Component (exterior assessment, at building or detailed plan level, especially for early stages)
  • Calculation of solar radiation and sunshine hours on roofs and courtyards
  • Solar thermal load
  • Miljöbyggnad coordination/certification according to Miljöbyggnad
  • Environmental choices and documentation of construction products
  • LCC analysis of energy efficiency measures
  • LCA analysis via sub-consultants and cooperation with IVL
  • Circular economy and reuse
  • Climate-neutral building materials
  • C2C (Cradle-to-Cradle), accessibility and equality
  • Social impact assessments and child impact assessments
  • Process and project management
  • Workshops, user dialogues and dialogue processes
  • Concept and business development in sustainable urban development, with social innovation linked to spatial planning.

Sustainability permeates all our activities - from urban development to interior design.