Together we go further

Together we go further

For us, partnerships and networks are crucial in our sustainability work - together we drive development forward.

In response to the national roadmap for a fossil-free Sweden by 2045, more than 160 affiliated actors in Malmö have developed a local roadmap to accelerate the climate transition of the building and construction sector. The goal is climate neutrality by 2030, and even higher by 2035, when Malmö's construction sector will be climate positive.

FOJAB has taken an active role in LMF30, the climate cooperation in the construction and real estate industry in Malmö. We run the working group for a more climate-smart use of materials and are active in the board of the organization's economic association. FOJAB also leads the corresponding working group within Klimatarena Stockholm, a collaborative initiative between industry, municipalities and academia that wants to increase the pace of climate change.

In addition to LFM30 and Klimatarena Stockholm, we are involved in a number of other networks and collaborations:

  • Sustainable Business Hub
  • Solar Region Skåne
  • The Association for Spatial Planning
  • Sweden Green Building Council
  • Construction architects
  • Movium, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Malmö Works - for sustainable travel to and from the workplace

Interdisciplinary collaborations allow us to share knowledge and help us to be constantly updated on the latest societal developments. Our ongoing research projects include:

  • Robots that build - practical implementation of robotic bricklaying
  • Chalmers Digital Twin Cities - development of large-scale digital twin technologies
  • WiCiD - Water in City Design, solutions for wicked planning problems
  • Leaf Cutter Ant - tool for early stage climate assessment
  • HyLite - exploring architecture and construction in an automated construction industry.
  • Visions in the north, team Good Guide - How do we live in the attractive, inclusive and sustainable Skellefteå of the future?