Architecture in wood

Architecture in wood

Wooden architecture is an incredibly important part of the climate transition. Wood is currently the only fully renewable building material and has the potential to more than halve the carbon footprint of a new building. Wood is not only a sustainable choice for the environment - it also offers aesthetic and tactile values that contribute to human well-being.

We see a clear trend towards increased use of wood in more and more construction projects. At the same time, the forest must be sufficient for the climate transition. FOJAB is committed to sustainable forestry and strives to ensure that the earth's resources are used in a way that maximizes their usefulness, lovability and sustainability.

At FOJAB, we combine strong expertise in timber construction with an extensive network to drive innovation and good solutions. Our processes and tools are well placed to help our clients explore wood as an alternative to other construction methods at an early stage. We always take into account each client's specific incentives and drivers for choosing wood, whether it is environmental certifications, green financing models, efficiency in the construction process, health aspects or other factors.

Over the years, FOJAB has carried out timber projects in a variety of segments, from housing and preschools to sports facilities and offices. A wooden building can include anything from all or part of the load-bearing timber frame to wooden facades or interior details, demonstrating the versatility that wood can offer across different scales and functions. Even small steps towards using renewable building materials are valuable. We always ask the question: "What defines a wooden building?" with the aim of choosing the right material in the right place based on each project's unique conditions. Here are some of our projects where wood plays an important role in different ways:

Trummens strand, housing in Växjö

Hofs Park preschool in Växjö

The Studenternas sports complex in Uppsala

Klagshamn riding school in Malmö

Däcket, mobility house in Västerås

Djursjukhuset in Malmö

Trikåfabriken, office building in Malmö.

Pottholmen, mixed urban district in Karlskrona, Sweden