The biggest challenge of our time is how to best manage the Earth's finite resources. Therefore, we need to be able to ask the right questions.

At FOJAB, we work with several evidence-based and well-proven tools. Using sharp, flexible analysis processes, we can formulate problems from both local and global perspectives, and build valuable design-driving knowledge at an early stage. Within our innovation platforms FOJABlab and FOJABcode we develop our own tailor-made tools, both digital and physical.

Some examples:
VolumeAnalysis is a powerful tool that helps us generate information about the potential and performance of a building at an early stage. It provides parallel analysis of different criteria that can be prioritized and evaluated.

CityFiction makes visible the effects of the substantial population growth that our largest cities are facing. The program helps us examine how different qualities and values influence the development of the urban environment.

We also work with wind analyses, daylight simulations and the Vertical Sky Component to ensure quality and feasibility.

In urban planning, we work with Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Child Impact Assessment (CIA) as a tool to achieve social sustainability goals.

Our research project Equalizer helps us to create equal places, the Movement Factor measures activity in public space and the Plan Climate Smart tool helps us to minimize climate emissions.

These analytical tools are an integral part of our daily lives and help us to stay on track when shaping the buildings, places and environments of the future.